We are VidArmy

We believe in pushing beyond the status quo to move people. 

We strive to bring professional video production to everyone by making it affordable, easy, and effective. Our SLC based team has produced videos for countless industries and with companies across the globe.   

We Do Video Different. We Do Video Better. 

 In 2018 we shocked the industry by launching our business with a $499 video plan. The video production industry has been a race to the top, flaunting insane contract values as a badge of honor. Most companies, however, cannot afford to spend $15,000 for one video – so they've been forced to try and create their own video or stick with static design that doesn't convert. 

Today VidArmy continue offering affordable video options for companies of all sizes because we believe great video doesn't have to break the bank. Video doesn't have to be intimidating. Thats why our team has simplified the process to produce professional-grade videos. With our comprehensive, yet simple process we can help anyone create incredible videos without breaking a sweat. It's no secret video converts better. And now, with VidArmy's ability to help you create multiple videos in a single shoot you can maximize your return easier than ever. 

 Video Production Starting At $499. 

 Our unique approach to video production offers three video plans and the ability to run commercial projects, so you can pick and choose the videos that fit your needs and budget. 

At VidArmy, team is everything.

At VidArmy, we celebrate the diverse individuals that make up our team. We recognize that our success rests on the shoulders of their success. It's because we believe this so strongly, that we hold our core values in the highest regard – without compromise. We love our team.

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